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@AIBD_national & @CEDIA finalized a new alliance this weekend. AIBD officials and members attended the 2011 #CEDIAexpo and the #ElectronicLifestylesAwards. Here is an account from an #AIBD member:

What an exciting week of home automation, electronics and the future of home automation / electronics. I would like to thank Peggy Ward of CEDIA who organize our trip and kept us on schedule through out the event.

Of course, it goes without saying that the second highlight was spending time with our National President Dan Sater and your Executive Director Steve Mickley. There is nothing like going to White Castle @ 11:30 at night with Dan to get a box full of sliders!!

To top the event off at the CEDIA Awards banquet, our own member, Peter Shipp of Architectural Electronics, Inc., brought home the Gold Award for the Integrated Home Level II and Mike Stram of Theater Gallery by Stram Electronics in Tampa (we had a meeting there last year) also brought home the award for Registered Outreach Instructor of the Year. If you would like to look at a complete list of winners go to;
CEDIA is a great industry partner and I encourage each of our members to locate a CEDIA ESC member near you and make them a member of your team to get them involved with your plans early in the design process.

Mike Keesee
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